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The City Ramble Stories is the first creative urban guide profiling young urban creatives under the age of 35 in Singapore. Featuring:

  • Interviews and articles about creatives < 35 in the +65
  • Essays about creativity and the city
  • A free walking trail of 25 stops around the city that have inspired young designers
  • Stories to complement your experience at the HERITAGE or PROCESS trails!

If you join us on the walking trail March 10&11, there are mini experiences curated at all the stops by The Workbench! as well! Scroll down below for a sneak peek of what can be found in The City Ramble Stories!



STORIES features a walking trail of 25 places in the city that has inspired and continue to inspire our designers and creatives under 35 years old in the +65. Pick up the guide and see Singapore through their eyes!

Come ramble on with this urban guide and see both the familiar and unfamiliar in a new light!


What will you see when you visit these stops on 10 & 11 March ? A series of mini-experiences created by the Singaporean designer couple from Workbench -  creators of Trippin' - A design lover's guide to Japan !  


<35 in +65

<35 in +65 highlights 5 Singapore-based creatives under 35 years old from across design disciplines. Through a series of articles and infographics, these designers share their personal creative journey, routines of their creative life, the tools that make their work possible, and more. Featuring: