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NOTE: Entrance fee of $20 will be waived if you register for any of the workshops online! That means a saving of $20! Should you decide to sign up for workshops onsite, entrance fee per stop still applies.


“Pinch a Mug” Ceramic Workshop

by Ibsen Lim @ funan showsuite

Make and personalise your ceramic mug using the fundamental hand building method.

  • 10 & 11 MARCH 2018
  • 2PM - 330PM  or  4PM - 530PM (1.5 HOURS)
  • $100 PER PERSON


Crepe Paper Icelandic Poppies Workshop

by Miss Petal & Bloom@ funan showsuite

Step into the world of crepe paper flowers with Eileen from Miss Petal & Bloom. In this class, you’ll be introduced to Italian-made crepe paper and learn simple sculpting and assembly techniques to craft your very own Iceland Poppies. This class is great for beginners and each participant will be provided materials to make 3 Iceland Poppies. 

  • 10 MARCH 2018
  • 130PM - 330PM (2 HOURS)
  • $80 PER PERSON

Hand Embroidery Workshop

by Naked Works @ funan showsuite

This introductory workshop will introduce hand embroidery techniques that can be applied in many ways such as, pimping up your shoes, bags, and clothes and even creating pins and badges. This workshop is an ideal starting place for anyone new to embroidery and interested in illustrative embroidery. Once you have practiced the various stitches with our provided step-by-step guide, you will be on your way to creating any image with embroidery!

  • 10 MARCH 2018,  4PM - 6PM (2 HOURS)
  • 11 MARCH 2018, 2PM - 4PM (2 HOURS)
  • $50 PER PERSON

Resin Art Workshop

by Amado Gudek @ funan showsuite

Learn how to create colourful, abstract pieces of art on canvas using liquid resin and coloured pigments. No prior knowledge is required and kids (aged 7-12) are welcomed to join in the fun too. See photo attached of what you may expect to create. Participants will create 1 piece of artwork on canvas which they will need to collect from our studio after it dries (min 5 hours later).


  • 10 & 11 MARCH 2018
  • 11AM - 1230PM (1.5 HOURS)
  • $85 PER PERSON

VR Workshop

by Hiverlab@ funan showsuite

Learn how to create your own interactive virtual experiences to educate, present or share through this hands-on VR workshop.

  • 10 MARCH 2018
  • 11AM - 1230PM (1.5 HOURS)
  • $60 PER PERSON

Polymer Pattern Making Clay Necklace/Bracelet Workshop

by ARTZ de SCRAP @citizen farm

Learn to use Polymer Clay, to make your very own Necklace or Bracelet. Polymer clay is easy to mould and with the wide array of colours available, it will be lots of fun to work with! Each participant gets to make up to 2 necklaces or 2 bracelets. 


The workshop will teach the basics of working with Polymer Clay and the Techniques of how to create various patterns on the polymer clay beads.

  • 11 MARCH 2018
  • 11AM - 1PM (2 HOURS)
  • $40 PER PERSON

Polymer Print Making Clay Necklace/Bracelet Workshop

by ARTZ de SCRAP @ citizen farm

Learn to incorporate prints or your own doodles on Polymer Clay, to make your very own Necklace or Bracelet. Polymer clay is easy to mould and lots of fun to work with! Each participant gets to make up to 2 necklaces or 2 bracelets with the polymer clay pieces made. 


The workshop will teach techniques on how to incorporate prints onto the Polymer Clay pieces and connect them into necklaces or bracelets.

  • 10 MARCH 2018
  • 4.00PM - 6.00PM (2 HOURS)
  • $50 PER PERSON

Ceramic Plate Workshop

by Center Pottery @ citizen farm

Ever wanted to make your own plate to put your rings, accessories, coins, keys? Join us for a hand-building workshop to learn hand-building techniques to create a plate with your unique touch! We will fire and glaze your pieces for you; after which they will be delivered to your door step in 5 - 6 weeks' time.

  • 10 MARCH 2018
  • 11AM - 1PM (2 HOURS)
  •  $85 PER PERSON

Soap-crafting Workshop

by Rough Beauty @ Citizen farm

At this workshop, learn to craft your own soaps using the melt and pour method. Apart from customising colours and textures with ingredients from the earth, choose your scents from our selection of plant essential oils and learn about their therapeutic properties.

Whether you’re looking to pick up something new, gift something made by yourself, learn how you can choose more sustainable options in your lifestyle or spend time with your favourite people trying something different, this workshop will leave you with new knowledge and soaps to bring home!

  • 11 MARCH 2018
  • 1PM - 330PM (2.5 HOURS)
  • $85 PER PERSON

Botanical Illustrations Workshop

by Pastel & Pines @ citizen farm

An introduction to realistic watercolor! This 2.5-hour workshop will guide you through the fundamentals of drawing with pen and working with watercolour to create those delicate and fine details of your botanical subjects. All levels are welcomed!

>>WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: essential tools for botanical drawing; drawing techniques; watercolour as a medium; basic watercolour technique; colour mixing and harmony; troubleshooting your artpiece

>>WHAT YOU WILL BRING HOME: Watercolour notes; Waterproof micro pigment ink pen; Watercolour round brush; Your botanical artpiece

All other materials will be provided.


  • 10 MARCH 2018; 1PM - 330PM (2.5 HOURS)
  • 11 MARCH 2018; 330PM - 6PM (2.5 HOURS)
  • $115 PER PERSON

The Art of Kumiko 

by Plane & Bevel @The Mill

This 3-hour workshop is an introduction to The Art of Kumiko where participants will be taught how to make a very simple pattern (Asa-noha) out of Maple wood. The kumiko will eventually be contained in a frame which will be provided.

These beautiful frames will look great on your work desk, as a wall decoration, wherever you choose to place it - to inspire you to more handiwork or to remind you to book your next trip to Japan.

  • 10 & 11 MARCH 2018
  • 11AM - 2PM / 3PM - 6PM (3 HOURS)
  • $280 PER PERSON


Centrepiece Flower Arrangement Workshop

by Poppy Flora Studio @the mill

If you are a flower arrangement enthusiast who enjoys exploring with different medium & techniques - you should not miss out on this opportunity to learn how to create an artistic flower centerpiece using chicken wire!

  • 10 & 11 MARCH
  • 430PM - 6PM (1.5 HOURS)
  • $180 PER PERSON

Bifold Cardholder Leather Crafting Workshop

by Stone for GolD @the mill

In this 2.5 hour Cardholder Stitching workshop, get an introduction to the saddle stitching technique used widely in leather craft. You will get to understand various leather types and their properties, cutting techniques as well as construction and finishing methods. You will get to craft a cardholder, perfect for slotting and storing your cards. Customise your finished products further by debossing your own initials or text! 

  • 10 & 11 MARCH 2018
  • 1230PM - 3PM (2.5 HOURS)
  • $105 PER PERSON