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  • A 3 hours tour of 3 sites rich in history and architectural design
  • Hear stories on conservation and restoration efforts in Singapore’s changing urban landscape
  • Meet project architects, conservationists, designers, and creative entrepreneurs!
  • Includes hands-on experiences, installations, and more.
  • $70 per person, limited seats per tour


MARCH 10 and 11

Morning (10AM) and Afternoon (2PM) Trails Available


Here's what you can expect at a glance! Click on the image for a larger flyer.


Here's what to expect on the trail!

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the QUADRANT At Cecil


First, we invite you to step into former bank headquarters now known as The Quadrant at Cecil, and be inspired by one of the last few original Art Deco structures in Singapore’s Central Business District. At this stop we will offer a glimpse not just into what Singapore's CBD in the 1930s was like in real life, but also the significance of design in the conservation movement today.


Meet Your Host:  

Koh Jin Jie, from Homestead

Featuring speakers:

Jonathan Poh of Studio JP – Save Dakota Crescent Movement

Explore the ground-up heritage conservation movement that Jonathan Poh (Studio JP) had initiated for Dakota Crescent’s conservation, and how recognising the importance of places and buildings like these with architectural, historical and social significance in Singapore, could inculcate the appreciation of conserving our heritage. ** March 10 Morning Trail ONLY  


Jerome Lim of Long Winding Road – Blogging and Built Heritage

Get to hear from heritage enthusiast, Jerome Lim of The Long and Winding Road blog, about the history of the financial district’s built heritage of Singapore in the 1920s and have a glimpse of the era through a showcase of his collection of archival images. ** March 11 Morning Trail ONLY 



Learn about the URA’s role in shaping Singapore’s urban scape and building conservation. Understand the context of their work through case studies within Singapore’s business district. ** March 10 and 11 Evening Trails ONLY

Featuring programmes:

DESIGN BRIEF - a presentation about The Black Swan by Takenouchi Webb -

The Black Swan transports one back to the Art Deco era. The design firm behind this stunning art deco grand bistro and bar will share their design approach and how its interior was inspired by the historic fabric of the building’s 1920s architecture.

** Showcase on display on all four time-slots. Sharing only on selected slots


CONTRAST CITY - a photographic installation

The rooftop balcony of The Quadrant offers a panoramic view of the city around Market Street, Cecil Street, Church Street and Collyer Quay. Get to learn about the buildings in the skyline, the meaning they carry for our city, and what it was like before. This installation will give a glimpse of the answers! 

** Showcase on display on all four time-slots. 


BACK IN THE DAY - a 360 VR experience with Hiverlab

Be transported back in time and get to see the city back in the mid-1900s, with scenes and buildings that has since been replaced by towering sky-scrapers. Learn about the progression in the design of our city, but also the importance of appreciating our built heritage. 

** Experience available on all four time-slots. 




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Then we will take you to Goh Loo Club, a Chinese gentleman’s club built in 1905, where you will discover its illustrious history and immerse yourself into Chinese heritage and culture with local creatives who are applying it in their design, typography, pottery and furniture.


Meet Your Hosts:

Mr Alex Tan, General Secretary of Goh Loo Club  OR  Ms Rain Wang, Manager of Goh Loo Club OR  Ms Chua Soo Hoon, founder of Artprentice and project architect who has brought the clubhouse back to its former glory. 

Including Programmes:

TEAWARE : A FUSION OF DESIGN & CULTURE - A showcase and sharing session by QI POTTERY

Tea drinking is part of our Asian culture, and this has played a vital role in our journey of QI POTTERY. Discover the rich culture of Chinese tea through a demonstration on tea preparation by our founder, Kim Whye Kee; and understand more about his handmade teaware that balances beauty, form and function, with blended clay that is uniquely from Singapore. 

** Showcase on display on all four time-slots. Sharing session on March 10 Afternoon Trail and March 11 Morning Trail ONLY.


SCENES - A showcase and sharing session by SCENE SHANG

SCENE SHANG  is a contemporary furniture label based in Singapore with roots firmly planted in a rich Asian heritage. For The City Ramble Heritage, the label will style a selection of SCENE SHANG products to accompany the original three-sided mahjong tables from Goh Loo Club and present a scenography featuring a mix of traditional Chinese elements and modern design. 

** Showcase on display on all four time-slots. Sharing Session on March 10 Morning Trail ONLY.


TYPE WITH CHARACTER - A hands-on experience and sharing by TYPESETTINGSG

Learn about the history of traditional letterpress printing and Chinese typesetting from TYPESETTINGSG, a studio dedicated to preserve and promote traditional letterpress in Singapore. In a hands-on mini-experience, participants will also get the opportunity to letterpress their very own postcards with a customized Goh Loo Club print of traditional Chinese characters! 

** Showcase and activity on all four time-slots. Sharing Session on March 11 Afternoon Trail ONLY.

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Last but not least, experience THE WAREHOUSE HOTEL as though you’re a guest! Discover how they have integrated the heritage of their building into design elements within the space, to create for themselves a distinct, and modern identity. Expect never before seen photos and objects in these sessions! 

Also, get to know other designers and creatives who have collaborated with the hotel, and how they explored heritage in their work, in their own special way! 


Meet speakers from:

Zarch Collaboratives, project architects of The Warehouse Hotel ** March 10 Morning Trail and March 11 Afternoon Trail ONLY

Asylum, branding & interior designers of The Warehouse Hotel **March 10 Afternoon Trail and March 11 Morning Trail ONLY

Including programmes:

CERAMIC STYLE - A display and demonstration by MUD ROCK CERAMICS

Mudrock Ceramics is a ceramics studio that is proudly local. Share the passion for making, exploring, and serving with handmade ceramics, and learn about what inspires this homegrown studio to create these uniquely designed pottery pieces. Participants can interact with a curated selection of ceramics on display and be inspired by a live demonstration of wheel throwing.

** Showcase on all four time-slots. Demonstration on selected slots only


MOMENTARY SENSES - A display and demonstration by ASHLEY & CO

Ashley & Co is a modern day scent company that creates eco-conscious hair and body products with a collection that spans across 6 different signature scents. Get a sense of how this sustainable brand encourages users to make the most of the moments by piquing at the senses through their products.

** Showcase on all four time-slots. Demonstration on selected slots only


SCENT THERAPY - A display and hands-on experience by HUSH CANDLE

Engage in therapeutic sensory with Hush Candle as they share about their inspiration behind their all-natural candles. Discover how scents are able to set a mood or certain state of mind, through recommendations of essential oils for various rooms. Participants get to bring home their very own personalised room scent spray, made with these essential oils.

** Showcase on all four time-slots. Experience on selected slots only


Here's everything once more at a glance in a handy visual!

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